Flight Sixty

1] Remarkably intuitive & easy to use.
2] 7” Color touch screen.
3] 12 hours internal battery - Extendable by battery Hot Swap.
4] Extendable by battery Hot Swap.
5] All pressure & volume ventilation modes - invasive & non invasive.
6] Exhaled volume monitoring.
7] Pediatric to Adult ventilation - 30ml - 2.2liter.
8] Flow* & Pressure Trigger.
9] Built in Oxygen sensor.
10] Low cost of ownership.
10] Large waveform display - Pressure, Flow, Volume & Loop.
11] Connects to both high pressure and low flow Oxygen.
12] Integrated Low-Flow Oxygen Port.
Sonata ICU Ventilator

The sonata is an insetive care ventilator. It is designed for the intensive care ventilation of adults and children from the age of one year or a body weight of 5 kg.

Compact Size

The compact size of the sonata intensive care ventilator ensures the highest performance combined with a minimum need of floor space.

Economical Solution

A clear hygiene concept and a visionary detailed solutions support help to save cost. The heated expiration valve is for daily use in intensive care and ensure precise measured values also when using humidityfires. The use of dispossible flow-sensors and other consumables has been consciously rejected. The solid expiration valve can be easily removed in order to sterilize and autoclave it.

Intuitive Navigation

The intuitive menu navigation is easy to use and especially developed for the needs of intensive care. The parameter settings, measured valves and the representative curves are all clearly shown on the display. The practical opration eases the orientation and allows the users to apply the familiar ventilation strategies directly.

Elisa ICU Ventilator

The Elisa is an the intensive care ventilator. It is designed for intensive ventilator of adults and children from the age of one year or a body weight of 5 kg. The Elisa can optionally used for ventilation of newborn patients with a body weight from 2 to 6 kg.

From newborn to adult

The all-purpose intensive care ventilator Elisa is designed to serve all kind of patients - newborn (Optional), child and adult. Modern microprocessor based technology, precise measurement techniques and efficient technologies assure accurate ventilation therapy and individual ventilation strategies.

Invasive and non-invasive ventilation

Elisa provides a combination of both invasive and non-invasive ventilation in a single device. It allows a doctor to choose between spontaneous or controlled non-invasive ventilation strategies. This modern intensive care ventilator measures the expiration volumes precisely and inclueds best leakage compensation up to 95%.

Flexibility and Mobility

The swivel-mounted and removable color display offers extra advantage. The unit can be bed or wall-mounted, independent of the position of the ventilator. The practical trolley for the device and an external battery pack assure maximum flexibility and mobility.